On the 28th of May we will dive into the complexity of networks. Can you handle your network now hybrid-, multi cloud environments and environments such as IBM Cloud or even Salesforce come into play?

These days companies no longer rely on on-premise data centers to run their applications and workloads. Hybrid- and (multi)cloud environments such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are more common. On top of that, organizations are adding new environments including IBM Cloud or Salesforce to the mix. We call this the ‘scale out-era’.

Can you handle these changes with your existing network? Isn’t this ‘scale-out’ or step to (multi)cloud environments far too complex? How can you reduce this complexity and achieve ‘simplicity’ in order to better adapt to these diverse cloud environments? And how can you prevent the network becoming a bottleneck for your organization?

How to make the network part of your cloud strategy?
During this meet-up we will introduce a 5-step plan to achieve this ‘simplicity’ and cover subjects such as:

  • Cloud creates other traffic flows, how does this affect your network topology?
  • Redundancy and cloud: what do you have to take into account?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Direct Connect and Express Route connections.
  • How to achieve an open and transparent underlay?
  • Insight as well as end-to-end management by automation and orchestration.
  • Security in all layers (incl.  public cloud environments).
  • The added value of SD-WAN.
Melchior Aelmans

Speaker 1
Melchior Aelmans 
Senior System Engineer – Juniper Networks

Melchior will share a 5-step plan to achieve ‘simplicity’ in a complex (multi)cloud environment. He will talk about creating open and transparent underlays, end-to-end management and insight by automation and orchestration and security.

Melchior Aelmans works as a Senior System Engineer at Juniper Networks and is technically responsible for large enterprise and service provider customers in EMEA. As Lead, he focuses on SDN and NFV solutions, in particular on linking business and technology. His drive is to solve business problems with technology wherever possible.

Melchior has over ten years of experience in service provider networking. Prior to joining Juniper Networks, he held various post and pre-sales roles at major service providers and data center clients like Liberty Global, eBay and Priority Telecom.

Frans ter Borg

Speaker 2
Frans ter Borg 
Founder – Quanza Engineering

For a cloud architect this may sound familiar: you just carried out a perfect migration to the cloud, and suddenly your network turns out to be a bottleneck. Frans ter Borg will share his insights and will also tell you how to use your network optimally and incorporate it in your cloud strategy.

Frans ter Borg is the founder and CEO of Quanza Engineering, a leading company for Design, Build and Operate of innovative IT- and cloud infrastructures. Frans has over 20 years of deep and broad experience in IT infrastructures of organisations with a 24×7 mission critical IT-environment. His specialties are IP and optical networks, datacenters, network security, application delivery and cloud management and orchestration. In addition to his general management role he is responsible for innovation, strategy and product development. Frans is a boardmember of ISPConnect and of Digital Infrastructure Netherlands (DINL) and the chairman of the Cloud IT Academy.

Bart M. Veldhuis

Bart Veldhuis
Co-founder – Cloud Architect Alliance

Bart Veldhuis is a seasoned cloud architect with over 15 years of infrastructure architecting experience. He is the co-founder of the Cloud Architect Alliance.

Bart is a serial entrepreneur and started the first VMware based cloud provider in the BeneLux. Bart founded the vendor independent consultancy firm Weolcan to help organizations bring tangible results from their cloud strategy. Bart will be the moderator during the meet-up on the 28th of May.


Quanza Engineering B.V.
Willem Fenengastraat 7
1096BL, Amsterdam

16:00h – Registration
16:30h – Melchior Aelmans (Juniper Networks)
17:00h – Frans ter Borg (Quanza Engineering)
17:30h – Drinks

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